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The years have not been good to the people of Morylwd.

During the height of the First Age, the magical wonders improved all life to the point that there were no more physical needs. The mind, being the marvelous creation that it is, is prone to invention, especially when given time and opportunity.

Time and opportunity led to incredible inventions of industry, transportation and economy through complex magics. As magical theorems became more complicated, the energy they required became such that it was not uncommon to have a dozen or more magicians combining powers to create ever increasingly spectacular thaumaturgy. Exploration into unimaginable realms were attempted with strict safeguards to ensure no contamination from the lifeforms of these other realities reached back into their own.

In their hubris the arcane masters forgot one of the fundamental laws of magic, Life finds a way. And one day it did. A weakness in the boundary containing Morylwd, created from the multiple explorations between worlds, allowed a reality of pure negative energy to break through. Feeding on death and suffering the denizens of that realm, the Skahn, tried to overwhelm the people of Morylwd and claim it for themselves.

It was only by the powers of the gods and the lives of millions were that the Skahn were pushed back and the rift closed. But not completely, negative energies still emanate from where the Skahn broke through and to this day, the land for hundreds of kilometers still bears the taint of un-life and bears the appropriate name, Desolation.

However, using so much of their power to close Desolation’s Rift caused the gods’ powers to wane. With limited ability to grant spells their worshippers turned away. The loss of followers caused more power to be lost in a vicious cycle that continued for centuries.

Arcane magic was also eschewed during this time as it was widely blamed for the calamity that destroyed most of Morylwd. The standard of living flagged quickly as magic items and systems were destroyed. The return to a simpler life was not an easy one and the suffering was blamed on the arcane casters that nearly destroyed Morylwd.

With prayers rarely being answered and fear of the arcane, those of intelligence turned to alchemy and technology. Slowly, the new technologies were introduced by the gnomes who saw this as their time to shine. Alchemical secrets were widely taught in schools and with the invention of gunpowder, guns and other machines began to be introduced.


The world adapted and the gods recovered their power, but many atheists still abound. Though full wizards are still viewed with suspicion, minor arcane magic is accepted in most rural towns where it is difficult to live without magic. The technologies devised by the gnomes have not disappeared with the reintroduction of magic but have adapted to include it.

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