The Second Age of Reason

Adventure 1 Part 2

After we defeated the war party and healed the mother. We protected them from any other dangers they might face as we walked to the nearest town. They thanked us by offering to share some of the money they earned for their goods, but we turned the offer down as they had much more need of the money than we did.

We retired to a more popular tavern in the town and commenced drinking until a boy ran in talking fearfully about barbarians in town. Getting up to investigate, we saw the mother we helped held against a wall by a well tusked barbarian. The barbarian said that this was the last time he would ask who slaughtered his son. The woman weakly looked over at us. Noticing this, the barbarian asked her if it was us. She replied quickly that it wasn’t us that we had nothing to do with his sons death, but he saw through her bluff and dropped her to approach us.

Gragnor, seventh of his name, chief of the Lion Tribe of the plains, he said his name was. He wanted to know if we were responsible for the death of his son 3 miles outside of town on the main road. Atra replied that we in fact were the group responsible for punishing some dishonorable barbarians. Gragnor coldly stared at Atra and slowly asked why he would insult these dead warriors. Atra resolutely fixed his gaze on Gragnor and divulged the details of the encounter. After which Gragnor asked the mother if this was true, and she replied that it was. He thanked us for giving his son an honorable death he did not deserve and left. We returned to our booze.



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